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Thank you for visiting Myvietnamart.com. We are an online company offering hand painted reproduction of famous paintings. Our Mission is to deliver highest quality handmade oil paintings at affordable costs.

To paint a realistic reproduction of a vintage or modern masterpiece requires not only great talent and skills in all the traditional painting techniques, but also a high level of academic knowledge relating to the masterpiece.

Such skills are still taught to this day - not in many places - but in a number of the Ecoles des Beaux Arts (Fine Art Schools and Universities) often linked to some of the older universities and academies of continental Europe and other parts of the world. In Vietnam, the Indochina School of Fine Arts (Ecole des Baux Arts de l'Indochine) of Ha Noi, preserves these skills and passes it on to contemporary artists. 

Many of our painters are highly talented artists in their own right who rely on our support and patronage whilst slowly developing their burgeoning careers.

Our paintings, each one individually handcrafted by a skilled and dedicated artist, are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and fidelity to the original, but are affordably priced and can be shipped to most international destinations.

Our marketing arm - MyVietnamArt.com - acts as an interface between our artists and a world-wide clientele - which is predominately based in Europe, North America and Australasia.

We pride ourselves in exercising great diligence in looking after our clients' interests and every effort will be made to progress all orders as efficiently as possible.

Thank you and I look forward to your patronage.

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