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  1. 7 Ways to Decorate and Make Your Apartment Feel Relaxing and Stress-Free

    Whether you’re renting an apartment or a condo, redecorating your living space helps you create the atmosphere you want and gives you the feeling of being at home. The right color palette and decorating let you truly enjoy your space. To help you make your apartment feel like home, presents seven ways to decorate it.
  2. Vietnamese Silk Art

    It can be said that the period of 1925-1945 is not only an early stage of Vietnam’s modern painting, but it is also a final one of French authority. Before a colony regime of French started, Vietnam nearly did not have any painting heritage.
    Indochinese art school - born in 1925 in Hanoi – really opened a new way for the development of fine art of Vietnam, since then, sculptures and graphics; painting developed variably, inherited the national tradition and at the first time acquired the European art.

  3. The Evolution of Vietnamese Art (Part III)

    1954 – 1995
    From socialist realism to after-war multiform tendency
    (source: Quang Phong)

    Peace time started in 1954. At the moment of victory, only about 30 to 40 painters from all parts of the country returned to Hanoi. The Fine Arts College of Vietnam was set up to train new painters under the direction of Tran Van Can. This first batch of painters has continued to make up the framework of Vietnamese painting until today.

  4. The Evolution of Vietnamese Art (Part II)

    1945 – 1954
    Fighting for National Salvation
    (source: Quang Phong)

    Awaken in the face of a new art, Vietnamese painters during 1925 – 1945 experimented and searched for a model in ancient or modern times, western or oriental. Beyond Classicism, they also explored the various Schools of European painting, fauvism, cubism, symbolism, expressionism, surrealism, futurism, abstractionism and many others.

  5. The Evolution of Vietnamese Art (Part I)

    1925 – 1945
    The Fine Arts College of Indochina
    (source: Quang Phong, Quang Viet)

    The first epoch of the history of Vietnamese paintings originated from the establishment of the Fine Arts College of Indochina in 1925. This College was created on 27th October 1924 with the approval of the then Governor General, Mr Merlin, on the suggestion of Mr Victor Tardieu to help Annamese artists recover the profound meaning and fundamental inspirations of their own tradition.

  6. History of Vietnam Art

    For a nation with a history that goes back thousands of years, Vietnamese contemporary art is relatively young. It began a mere 75 years ago with a group of artists who were trained at the Indochina School of Fine Arts (Ecole des Baux Arts de l'Indochine) of Ha Noi. With their acquired training from French instructors, the artists of this inceptive period re-discovered the beauty of the native landscape saw through a Western lens. They romanticized life and the people and painted these subjects in an ambiance of innocence and dream.

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