1839-1906, French painter, b. Aix-en-Provence.

Cezanne was the leading figure in the revolution toward abstraction in modern painting. From early childhood Cezanne was a close friend of Zola, who for a time encouraged the painter in his work. Cezanne went to Paris in 1861; there he met Pissarro, who strongly influenced his development. He divided his time between Provence and the environs of Paris until his retirement to Aix in 1899. Cezanne 's early work is marked by a heavy use of the palette knife, from which he created thickly textured and violently deformed shapes and scenes of a fantastic, dreamlike quality. Although these impulsive paintings exhibit few of the features of his later style, they anticipate the expressionist idiom of the 20th century. Through Pissarro, Cezanne came to know Manet and the impressionist painters. He was concerned, after 1870, with the use of color to create perspective, but the steady, diffused light in his works is utterly unrelated to the impressionist preoccupation with transitory light effects. House of the Hanged Man (1873-74; Louvre) is characteristic of his impressionist period. He exhibited at the group's show of 1874 but later diverged from the impressionist style and developed a firmer structure in his paintings.

Achille EmperaireAchille Emperaire
Bend in Forest RoadBend in Forest Road
Bibemus the Red RockBibemus the Red Rock
Boy in a Red VestBoy in a Red Vest
House and TreesHouse and Trees
La Madelaine ou La DouleurLa Madelaine ou La Douleur
La maison du penduLa maison du pendu
La mont Sainte VictoireLa mont Sainte Victoire
La montagne Sainte VictoireLa montagne Sainte Victoire
Le golf de MarseilleLe golf de Marseille
Le Pont de MaincyLe Pont de Maincy
Les PeupliersLes Peupliers
Nature morte a la boilloireNature morte a la boilloire
Nudes in LandscapeNudes in Landscape
Pastorale ou IdyllePastorale ou Idylle
Paysage d'isle de FrancePaysage d'isle de France
Portrait de l'artistePortrait de l'artiste
The Black ClockThe Black Clock
The Blue VaseThe Blue Vase
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